Tell me something good Monday #2

Good afternoon my friends!

I’ve got a few somethings good to share with you today, I hope you have plenty of good things to smile about too!

The first thing to tell you, is that I finished my open university course, so all things being well, in approximately 7 weeks, I should be the proud holder of a Certificate in Higher Education in Education Studies (Primary), which will hopefully lead me into a rewarding career supporting children in their learning. OU finished

Other good things that are happening is that I am happily preparing stock and new knitted goodies for a huge online event: the Online Summer Carnival 2018. The event is organised by two lovely ladies, who have incredible imaginations, and have created some awesome entertainment for attendees; all the small businesses who are attending will host a game, and we’ve got a magician who is going to amaze and astound us all too!

Balloon Bunting 1.jpg
One of the items I’ve created for the event!

Last, but not least, the lovely weather we’ve been having has given me lots of inspiration for creations, not only knitting, but jewellery making as well; my new range of felted bead jewellery is live in my etsy shop, and I’m looking at new designs I can add to the selection!

Felt Necklaces
Happy Summer Colours to brighten your day!

So, all in all, I’ve got lots of good things going on right now, how about you?!

Check out where my inspiration came from:



I’ve been struggling to find inspiration for this blog, when I started I was sure I’d have so many ideas and subjects to write about, but its been harder to think about things I want to write about, that you would be interested in reading about!

I’ve decided to try and write  a weekly (at least) blog following different challenges, to see what feels right for me! Today, I’m following a challenge set by this blogger (click here to see it!) titled Tell me Something Good.

Today’s post is short and sweet, my something good, and the thing that is keeping me going on  what was a cloudy and slightly chilly Monday as I work on my Uni course, and update photos for my jewellery shop on Etsy,  I have these gorgeous balls of yarn waiting to be knitted up…

Pots of yarn

These gorgeous “pots” of yarn by Paintbox Yarns come in a range of colours that coordinate so wonderfully, they are a little heavier than the usualy double knitting yarn I use for my baby knits, and the the colours that are worked through it knit up into wonderful stripes, and patterns, without too much work. You can get your own from loveknitting; (full disclosure, this is an affiliate link!) Another disclosure, I’ve had them since before Christmas, and they’ve been hidden with my other yarns since then because I ordered them to fill my basket (and get free shipping, who hasn’t done that before!) when I needed just one ball of yarn for an order. One small problem, but I couldn’t decide what to knit them up into!

I’m not completely sure what I want to knit with these yarns, I think they’ll look great as a baby blanket, and I’ve knitted them as scarves for grown ups, but we’re kind of (hopefully) leaving scarf season behind us, which is another “something good” to think about this Monday!

I have to leave you know, as the yarn is calling me, but I’ll be sure to come back and show you what I created!

Have a wonderful week my friends, and why not Tell Me Something Good in the comments! XoXo

This is me!

Anyone with a notebook obsession like me (Hands up who else loves a pretty, brand new, clean paged notebook, but can’t bring themselves to ruin it by writing in it?!) will understand how difficult the first word is, and I think the same can be said for a brand new blog, so I’m going to start with some ramblings, and hope the words flow!

So, here goes… Hello, Hi, How are you? This is me; I’m Geraldine, but you can call me GellyBeana! I’m a thirty-something (I love that phrase; it means I don’t have to stop and think about my age; for some reason after I turned about 28, I’ve not been able to remember my age when put on the spot!) lover of craft! My particular areas of enthusiasm are knitting and jewellery making, although I love to try new things, and I hope to be sharing my adventures with you here!

I honestly can’t remember when I learned to knit; I think I was in my early teens. I remember the first time (and only time I think!) I bought knitting needles was when I was at uni back in the early noughties! I learned from my mum and grandmother, and I’ve been lucky enough over the years to have been gifted lots of my needles, patterns and early supplies from Nannie when she had to stop knitting (due to arthritis ☹). Over the years I progressed from wobbly scarves with holes (unintentional) to patchwork blankets, after I had to do something with all the practice pieces I’d knitted!

Then one day when a colleague found out I knitted they wanted to BUY some booties from me.

Here’s what he asked me to knit!

I was astonished… I’d been knitting booties and cardigans for years, giving them as gifts, but the thought that someone thought I was good enough to pay for what I was doing was amazing to me! So I set up an Etsy shop (click here if you’re interested!) and over the course of the past 6 years, I’ve been slowly adding to it, branching out from baby clothes to grown up accessories ( I wear a lot of scarves!) and I’m full of dreams about what else I can bring to my shop!

I left a full-time job as a receptionist in a London bank in 2016, to go back to Uni (you’ll probably hear more about that later), and it seemed like a great time to focus on my shop, build it up, oh, and start up a new hobby! Jewellery making became my new obsession, and GB Jewellery Boutique was born (you can click if you want to see what I do!). I love to try new techniques, but my love is for beaded pieces; I’ve taken techniques I’ve learned from some great designers and adapted them into new pieces.

Changes Blog 1

I’m still very much learning how to sell online, Etsy is a fab place to buy, there are so many great sellers, and literally millions of products to buy, which means that as one little seller, you’ve really got to be top of your game to be top of the pile there. But I’m stubborn, so I’ll get there! 😉

So, this is me (well a little bit anyway!) I look forward to sharing my adventures in crafting with you!

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